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Custom Facial Treatment

Applicable for all skin types this facial combines the best of all worlds Relaxation and rejuvenation are the goals. Professional strength exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask, scalp and chest massage. The Custom Facial is the foundation on which all other facials are based.

$150 – 60 Minutes

Oxygen Infusion Treatment. #1 Most booked and rebooked service.

The custom facial is performed and the Oxygen Infusion takes the results to the next level. This treatment is highly beneficial for all skin types. Clients leave with radiant, luxe skin every time. The coveted Oxygen Machine infuses nutrient dense serums into the skin. The result is skin that light bounces off of to reveal a truly transformed complexion. Plump, hydrated, bright, gorgeous. It’s easy to obtain with this treatment.

$225 – 60 Minutes
$275 – 75 Minutes

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment.

Available in two times formats, 60 and 75 minutes this facial has long been a favorite of many. Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to polish the skin. Highly controllable and easy to customize, it works well for most most clients. After the microdermabrasion products are better absorbed, increasing the overall efficacy of the treatment.

$175 – 60 Minutes
$195 – 75 Minutes

Microdermabrasion plus Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment.

This facial combines two highly coveted treatment modalities that perfectly complement each other. The microdermabrasion creates a new smooth canvas on which to lay down the luxe oxygen infused serum. The result is stunning and often dramatic.

$275 – 60 Minutes
$325 – 75 Minutes

Signature Facial Treatment.

Simple yet very effective. Microdermabrasion or a peel loosen up dead skin. Brief extractions handle the obvious congestion, the LED light stimulates collagen and the ultrasound penetrates the final products for long lasting radiant glow. There are many devoted followers of this budget friendly options packed with several of our best services.

$205 – 60 Minutes
$245 – 75 Minutes

Signature Facial Plus Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment.

Microdermabrasion or a chemical peel polishes skin to perfection, a professional grade LED light stimulates collagen, and the Oxygen Infusion creates dramatically hydrated, glowing skin. This facial was conceived after clients implored Heather to combine her most popular treatments into one.

$305 – 60 Minutes
$355 – 75 Minutes

Signature Facial Plus Oxygen Infusion and Beautiful Image Microcurrent Facial Treatment.

What might you hope to achieve from this combo? The top of the line micro-current machine lifts and tones. The microdermabrasion or peel superbly exfoliates, the LED brightens and stimulates and the Oxygen Infusion produces an unprecedented glow. This is our choice to precede a really big night out, a special occasion or as a gift. It is an exceptional service.

$405 – 90 minutes

*Extractions are performed but the session is short and sweet, only the obvious offenders are extracted. Congestion is addressed however if you want a facial primarily for the benefit of extractions this studio may not be the best fit.

Our referral for this is Jenny Verre owner of White Rose Skincare. 510-601-7042.

A la carte menu:

Oxygen Infusion. 30 Minutes. $150
Microdermabrasion. 30 Minutes $150
Lactic Peel 30 or 50%. 30 Minutes $150
Oxygen/Micro Combo. 30 Minutes $200

** Extractions are not available in the 30 minute sessions.

** Heather is open to custom creating any facial a client desires. Feel free to email her your wish list and the time you’d like to spend. She will reply quickly with a quote for your service.

***It is possible to schedule appointments on days the studio is typically closed. Please email to inquire. $100 will be added to the cost of the appointment to open the space on a closed day.